Direct Mail, Periodicals, Presort Standard, First Class, List Hygiene

Let us perform a postal analysis on your mail list and see what kind of savings we can potentially save you!

Our Mailing specialists are very knowledgeable and happy to serve you. We can help you get compliant with all postal regulations pertaining to the Intelligent Mail Barcode and Full-Service  coming in 2014.


Direct Mail

  • Inkjet Addressing
  • Folding
  • Metering
  • and more


List Hygiene

  • Delivery Point Bar-coding
  • Presort Optimization
  • Sack, Tray, Pallet Sortation

  • and more


Data Management

  • List Maintenance
  • List Acquisition
  • Radius Analysis/Mapping

  • and more


Intelligent Mail Bar-Coding

  • Full-Service
  • Basic Service
  • Mail.Dat

  • and more